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5 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution to Floss More

December 5, 2023

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As the year begins, numerous individuals embark on their New Year’s resolutions, ranging from healthier eating habits to increased travel aspirations. With a multitude of resolutions to choose from, consider making one that benefits your smile. Flossing is a common habit that many people overlook, making it an excellent starting point. Dive into this read to discover five tips that will support your commitment to floss more often as part of your New Year’s resolution.

Tip #1: Start Off Slow

Approximately 16% of individuals manage to achieve success with their New Year’s resolutions, with many abandoning them within six weeks. One contributing factor is often the setting of overly ambitious goals. That’s why it’s crucial to initiate your resolutions gradually. Start by flossing a few times per week and gradually increase the frequency until you’re flossing daily over time.

Tip #2: Refresh Yourself on the Proper Technique

Proper flossing technique significantly impacts its effectiveness. Enhance your flossing routine by watching videos or consulting diagrams demonstrating the correct way to hold the floss, the appropriate amount to use, and how to slide it around and between your teeth.

Tip #3: Use the Right Products

Individuals with mobility issues, such as arthritis, may find using traditional dental floss challenging. A viable alternative is opting for a water flosser. These devices employ a stream of water to eliminate food particles and plaque from between your teeth. If you choose traditional floss, ensure you select flavors and types that best suit your preferences.

Tip #4: Remind Yourself to Floss

Ensuring you floss more frequently is often about remembering to do it. Consider placing a sticky note on your bathroom mirror as a helpful reminder. Alternatively, store your floss alongside your toothbrush and toothpaste, or set a reminder on your phone to cultivate this beneficial habit.

Tip #5: Make Flossing Convenient

Managing a busy schedule can make finding time to floss challenging. While ideally after your last meal is optimal, any time is a step in the right direction. Enhance convenience by carrying dental floss in your purse, backpack, or pocket. Utilize spare moments between classes, during your lunch break, or any other opportunity to incorporate flossing into your routine.

Incorporating regular flossing into your routine is a simple yet impactful step towards maintaining optimal oral health. By implementing these tips and making flossing a habit, you are not only contributing to a healthier smile but also taking proactive measures for overall well-being!

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