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Root Canal Therapy - Brick, NJ

Saves Ailing Teeth

Pen pointing to digital dental x-rayRoot canal therapy enables us to relieve the most severe dental pain and save extremely damaged teeth at the same time. It is typically needed when a tooth’s innermost chamber, known as the dental pulp, has become damaged or infected.

Some signs that you might need a root canal are:

For a root canal, your dentist will gently remove the infected tissue, clean the interior of the tooth, fill it with a biocompatible material, and then fully restore the tooth with a dental crown. Most root canals can be completed in just one visit, and thanks to modern-day dental techniques, most patients experience very little discomfort during or after their procedure.

If you have a painful tooth that has been bothering you, a root canal could be exactly what you need, so contact us today for an appointment.