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Implant-Retained Dentures - Brick, NJ

Comfortable, Permanent Fit

Do your dentures make simple things like eating, speaking, or even smiling feel awkward and uncomfortable? If so, you are far from alone, and Drum Point Family & Implant Dentistry is happy to offer you the long-term smile solution you need with implant-retained dentures.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Model of implant denture

Implant-retained dentures, as opposed to traditional ones, are held in place using dental implants instead of small metal clasps, natural suction, or denture adhesive. Implant dentures can be made to be fixed or removable, and our team will help you determine which prosthetic is the right one for you.

Why should I get implant dentures?

Implant dentures have a number of advantages compared to regular ones. Firstly, because they are secured with implants, their hold is much more stable and secure. Also, thanks to the internal support provided to your jaw by the implants, the bone will be stimulated and able to better maintain its shape and strength over time, which will preserve your denture’s fit and the natural shape of your face. Implant dentures also allow patients to have a much stronger bite force compared to traditional ones, enabling them to enjoy a wider variety of foods with relative ease.

Are you ready to upgrade and get rid of your troublesome dentures? If so, we are ready to help, so contact us today.