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Prevent a Dental Emergency with These Back to School Safety Tips!

August 15, 2023

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After spending all summer with your kids, you might have some concerns about safety as you prepare to send them back to school. Unfortunately, many parents accidentally overlook one aspect of safety — their child’s smile. How can you protect your young one’s oral health as they head back to the classroom? These tips will help you to prevent a dental emergency.

Schedule a Back to School Checkup

If it has been around six months (or longer) since your child’s last checkup, try to book an appointment as soon as possible. Your family dentist will inspect your child’s mouth and look for any developing oral health issues that might progress into an emergency down the road. You can get those problems treated before they cause serious trouble.

Make Sure Your Child Has a Mouthguard

Does your child play school sports? If so, they should wear a mouthguard during games and practices, especially if they participate in a contact sport like football. A custom mouthguard from a dentist provides great protection and comfort than any that can be purchased over the counter.

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Sugary and starchy foods can contribute to tooth decay. Unfortunately, you might have little control over what your child eats at school. To minimize the potential consequences of a poor diet, educate your child about how certain treats could affect their smile. They may be less likely to accept candies from their friends or get sugary goodies from the vending machine. If the school doesn’t offer healthy lunch choices, you can send your child to school with more nutritious items.

Teach Good Habits at Home

Some kids like to sleep in and rush out the door at the last minute. They might not have time to brush their teeth before they leave for school! Try to wake them up a bit earlier so they can head to the classroom with a clean and fresh smile. You should also encourage them to brush and floss each night before they go to bed.

Remind Your Kids to Be Mindful of How They Use Their Teeth

Some kids are in the habit of chewing on their pencils or using their teeth to open containers. These activities could easily lead to a dental emergency! Remind your child of the potential consequences of misusing their teeth so they can be at a lower risk of a damaged smile.

Don’t let a dental emergency interfere with your child’s education! Use the above tips to protect their smile this school year.

Meet the Practice

At Drum Point Family & Implant Dentistry, our team of dentists is proud to serve the Brick community. Whether it is time for your child’s biannual checkup, or you need emergency care for an urgent oral health problem, we are ready to serve you. Get in touch with our friendly and compassionate staff at 732-451-0400.

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